C 4 H HISTORY                                                BACK
The Company Personal Systems Consulting was founded 1987 by Claus D. Müller
who started Electronic Data Processing 1972. 
Claus initiated and implemented 1988 the CAD Software AutoCAD 2.4 at VICKERS.

He defined the WIDEMANN System CADLine and was Project leader at 
for the international CAD Project CASQ  
(Computer aided System Quotations / Circuit-Design and Bill-of-Material)
Claus left  Vickers 1995 and put his expertise into a complete new Design of
The Modules "Circuit Design for Hydraulic" and "Power Unit Design for Hydraulic" have been developed.
Apart from him we would like to mention Mr. Wilfried Knöll (Diploma Informatics) and 
Nguyen Luong (Diploma Construction Engineer).
They have done a superb job, in bringing the Packages to there “State of the Art” condition.

The Company changed Ownership and was purchased in 1994 by Mrs. Martina Jung.
Since then, she is running the Company. Since 1996 she has been married to Claus.
In 2011 Ownership and Company changed into CAD 4 Hydraulik Claus Müller
Our “longtime” Partner Companies GKS, HINE, Optima and INTEGRA have always been  Part of
the Development - to optimize the handling of our Application Packages.
Special thanks goes to: Mr. Max Sorg (GKS), Robert Roithner (MOOG), 
Geoffry Spencer (METARIS) and Helmut Herbst (OPTIMA-Hydraulics).
Our “oldest” Customer GKS  "the Rolex within the Power Unit Builders" proved to
be a cooperative and faithful Partner in a relationship that has spanned 15 Years.