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The HMS System allows the comfortable Creation of Technical Parts-Lists 
BOM (Bill-of-Material) and the according Quote-Calculation.
We offer this Software as an integrated Package together with our Schematic-Package
or as an "Alone-Standing-Application"

o The HMS System contains:
1. Parts List Creation inclusive Header Data (also in Dual-Language)
2. Quotation Creation with Header-Data
(Parts-List and Calculation)
3. Parts list from Hydraulic-Circuit Design (AutoCAD Link)
4. comfortable Master-Data-Maintenance incl. Mass-Change-Possibility
(Article, Customer)
5. Tools: Import - Export
(Article and Customer) Archiving (Parts list and Quotes)
o a. Parts-List will be generated  - supported by a sophisticated Search Technique.
    Search Criteria's are:
    Model-Code, Articledescription, Symbol-Name or Article-Number.
b. The Steering of Parts List Lines is controlled by 9 different Control-Flags like:
    Standard-Articlel, Buypart, Calculation Part, Customer-Supply-Part etc. 

c.  The Circuit-Design can be used as a Base or Target (In- or Output).
d.  Parts-list within Parts-List is a standard Function.
o To transfer the Part-List into a Quote-Calculation you just need one Mouse-Click.
Five different Calculation-Types are possible:
Listprice minus Customer-Discount,
Nett-Sales-Price, Cost plus Mark-Up, Automatic Target-Calulation, per Line Discount
Gross-Margin (Value and Percentage) will be shown at a Mouse-Click
o Importformats are: ACCESS, EXCEL, DBASE and additional 8 Formats
o Connection to your EDMS or Product-Master-System (ODBC) can be established.

The Programm runs under: 
Windows 2XXX and from AutoCAD™ 2XXX to BricsCAD on.

The Price for the HMS Program is:
 Standardversion (solenly Part-List und Quotation-Calculation) 3000,- EURO 
 Full-Version (Circuit-Design and HMS)  3995,-EURO

  * Technical changes and improvements are Subject to change without notice!

 in ZIP Format
needs Acrobat Reader™, after decompressing



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